Fire Warden Training Certification Dublin


This training is designed for designated employees tasked with supporting their employer in the capacity of a Fire Warden (or Fire Marshall). Individuals in the role of Fire Warden play a crucial function within your company.

Fire Warden training is to assist Fire Wardens in comprehending their roles and responsibilities in accordance with prevailing fire safety legislation. The training is combined theory and hands-on practical experience involving the use of portable firefighting equipment.

Ensuring that your business has a fully trained fire warden on site always is vital for upholding safety. Fire Training is among the leading providers of fire warden training in Dublin, offering courses both on-site and off-site.

Fire warden duties are recognised under the 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act. Section 11 of the Act requires employers to prepare and regularly update adequate emergency plans and procedures, as well as to provide necessary measures for firefighting and workplace evacuation.

We specialise in delivering comprehensive fire warden training tailored to the specific needs of businesses of all sizes in Dublin. Whether you’re a small startup, a medium, or a large business our training equips your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure fire safety and compliance within your workplace.¬†

Our Fire Warden Training provides a comprehensive overview of current fire safety legislation and offers practical techniques for implementing and enhancing effective emergency procedures in your workplace. The training aims to prevent emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of fire risk control measures and raising awareness among staff about workplace fire hazards. It includes detailed advice on instructing workers to respond appropriately in an emergency and covers the development and execution of fire drills and real evacuation procedures.

Our Fire Warden training is run by experienced fire safety trainers who are operational fire safety training specialists.

Fire Warden Information

What is a Fire Warden?

A Fire Warden is a person designated with specific fire safety duties, encompassing responsibilities before, during, and after the evacuation process. These duties include conducting routine fire checks within the building outside of fire drills or evacuations, and ensuring that fire safety measures are in place and effective.

Who should normally undertake the Fire Warden role?

Fire Wardens can be any member of staff; however, it is ideal to have them distributed evenly across the building to ensure all specific locations are adequately covered.

What training should a Fire Warden have?

Fire Wardens must undergo certified Fire Warden Training and receive instruction in Fire Awareness, including fire extinguisher operation.

Keep your fire safety team fully trained and prepared with Fire Training. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more.