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Our fire safety training in Dublin will provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills required in the event of a fire and to prepare you to respond to a fire emergency. Our fire training is suitable for all industries in schools, businesses, offices, restaurants, and more.

Fire safety equipment is necessary and serves a vital purpose and should be used to ensure full protection and safety in a premises. Fire is one of the biggest risks that your employees face daily in the workplace. Fire safety training in the workplace is mandatory for all employees, whatever type of business.

For homes and businesses seeking a high quality, reliable service, and competitive quotation, a call to Fire Training will offer the best solution. We have a reputation for supplying businesses in Dublin with the best fire safety training solutions.

Our highly qualified team will offer the best expert advice on how best to protect your building with portable fire equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Training

A fire extinguisher serves as an active fire protection device used as an initial response to extinguish or manage minor fires, typically during urgent situations.

Our fire safety training for fire extinguishers is suitable for a wide range of businesses in Dublin. We will introduce and show all employees how to use a fire extinguisher, providing a hands-on practical approach to using portable firefighting equipment for fire extinguishment. 

Fire Warden/Marshall Training

This training is designed for designated employees tasked with supporting their employer in the capacity of a Fire Warden (or Fire Marshal). Individuals in the role of Fire Warden play a crucial function within your company.

Fire Warden training is to assist Fire Wardens in comprehending their roles and responsibilities in accordance with prevailing fire safety legislation. The training is combined theory and hands on practical experience involving the use of portable firefighting equipment.

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire safety awareness training provides the trainees with great knowledge and a hands-on practical experience using portable firefighting equipment in the event of a fire.

Fire Training

Are you and your staff aware of the appropriate actions to take in case of a fire?

It is essential to have trained individuals on your company site or even at home in the event of a fire and a good protection strategy. As part of our service, we provide fire safety training courses that will prepare you to respond to any fire emergency. We offer bespoke training packages to suit all requirements. Our training personnel are fully qualified and competent in delivering our range of fire training courses.

Take all the right precautions and get in touch with us today here at Fire Training.